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By Hermann T. Schlichting, Erich A. Truckenbrodt (transl. by Heinrich J. Ramm)

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In the NACA 6-profiles (see Fig. 2-2c), the profile teardrop shapes and the mean camber lines have been developed from purely aerodynamic considerations. The velocity distributions on the upper and lower surfaces were given in advance with a wide variation of the position of the velocity maximums. 45. The standard mean camber line is calculated to possess a constant velocity distribution at both the upper and lower surfaces. Its shape is given by Z(s) =- In 2[(l -X) In (1 -X) + X In X] (2-3) A particularly simple analytical expression for a profile thickness distribution, or a skeleton line, is given by the parabola Z = aX(l - X).

2-3 the pressure distribution over the chord of an airfoil of infinite span is presented for various angles of attack. Shown is the dimensionless pressure coefficient Cp = P -P. q00 versus the dimensionless abscissa x/c. , the dynamic pressure of the incident flow. 9°, the flow is separated Figure 2-3 Pressure distribution at various angles of attack a of an airfoil of infinite aspect ratio with the profile NACA 2412 [12]. 7 . 106. 15. 950 30 AERODYNAMICS OF THE WING from the profile upper surface as indicated by the constant pressure over a wide range of the profile chord.

2-12a). Here the underpressure at the nose of the plate is finite and adds up to a suction force acting parallel to the plate in the forward direction. The detailed computation shows that the magnitude of this suction force is independent of plate thickness and nose rounding. It remains, therefore, the value of S = L sin a in the limiting case of an infinitely thin plate. In real flow (with friction) around very sharp-nosed plates, an infinitely high underpressure does not exist. Instead, a slight separation of the flow (separation bubble) forms near the nose (Fig.

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