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This e-book summarizes the reviews conducted at of the main lively volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico): El Chichón and Tacaná. El Chichón erupted explosively in 1982 killing greater than 2000 humans being the worst volcanic catastrophe in Mexico, and Tacaná produced gentle phreatic explosions in 1950 and 1986. in basic terms after those explosions a surge of latest experiences started to unreveal their volcanic background and effect.

This publication offers the cutting-edge advances in subject matters concerning the geologic atmosphere of the 2 volcanoes, their eruptive heritage and composition of erupted items, the hydrothermal platforms and their manifestations. Volcanic dangers and hazards and attainable mitigation plans are mentioned in response to the event of the catastrophic eruption of El Chichón that happened in 1982. The booklet also will contain formerly unpublished fabric at the vegetation and the fauna of the zone and archaeological and social elements of the realm that's inhabited through indigenous humans.

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1), a prominent lithospheric structure in the Cocos plate, which could extend below El Chichón (Luhr et al. 1984; Manea et al. 2005), complicates the tectonic framework of the area. Tacaná (4,050 masl) represents the northernmost volcano of the Central American Volcanic Arc (CAVA) (Mercado and Rose 1992; Mora et al. 2004; García-Palomo et al. 2006). El Chichón (1,100 masl) is the youngest structure of the NW-trending Modern Chiapanecan Volcanic Arc (MCVA of Damon and 24°N Los Tuxtlas Volcanic Field S N N Salina Cruz Gulf of Tehuantepec 100 km Gulf of Mexico Coast Coast 22° 20° 200 km North American Plate TMVB Puebla 250 km TVF 18° Oaxaca El Chichón Belize Guatemala 16° Salina Cruz CVB gua MAT Caribbean Plate CAV El Salvador Honduras Cocos Plate 96° 94° A 76 14° Mota Tacaná TR Fig.

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