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3 0 1-5 Derive Eq. (1-71) from Eq. (1-70). 1 3 1 CHAPTER TWO KINETIC MOLECULAR THEORY OF GASES 2-1 Introduction The treatment of ideal and nonideal gases in Chapter 1 was carried out largely from a phenomenological point of view. Behavior was described in terms of the macroscopic variables Ρ, V, and T, although some molecular interpretation was included in the discussion of the a and b parameters of the van der Waals equation (Section 1-9) and in the Special Topics section. We take up here the detailed model of a gas, that is, the kinetic molecular theory of gases.

CURTISS, C. , AND BIRD, R. B. (1964). "Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids," corrected ed. Wiley, New York. An excellent advanced treatise on the statistical mechanical approach to the properties of gases. MOELWYN-HUGHES, E. A. (1961). "Physical Chemistry," 2nd ed. Pergamon, Oxford. A useful intermediate-level general text. PARTINGTON, J. R. (1949). "An Advanced Treatise on Physical Chemistry," Vol. 1. Longmans, Green, Boston, Massachusetts. A very detailed reference. In addition, a collection of worked-out examination questions is available: ADAMSON, A.

The pressure, or force per unit area, becomes 2 component 2 2 in some one raw // or mu /\. The quantity u refers to2 the 2velocity direction, and the total velocity squared, c , is c = u + v + w , where ν and vv 2 2 the average these components are the components in the other two directions; on should be equal, and so we conclude that u = c /3, and obtain the final equation 2 Pv = \mc , (2-1) where ν denotes the volume per molecule. Per mole, this becomes 2 PV = \Mc , (2-2) where M is the molecular weight of the gas.

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